The Royal Wolverhampton Hospital

In September 2012 I was contacted by the Arts Co-ordinator from the Royal Wolverhampton Hospital.

The Midwifery LED Unit at the hospital was being re-vamped and the Midwifery Team had an idea that they wanted women to be totally relaxed and experience therapeutic ways of going through the labour process.

The manager of the unit wanted to aim for artwork that had a therapeutic purpose rather than just decorative - focal points for women there to focus on whilst going through the labour process.

The team chose 11 pieces of my work which were printed onto aluminium and these are now in situ in the Midwifery LED Unit.


Allison Walker Contemporary Reflexology College

In September 2013 I was contacted by Allison Walker - a highly regarded and well respected Reflexology teacher from Derbyshire. Allison asked if I could design a logo for a new Reflexology College website that she was working on.

After meeting up with Allison I got a feeling for what she wanted and that same evening I channelled some designs for Allison to look through.

The design Allison chose was named “Step Higher” as Allison felt it connect to her heart centre helping her to understand that her college is about helping people to reach their full potential in this life time.

The logo "Step Higher" can be seen here on Allison’s new website:



Christine Mclean Holistic Therapist

Christine Mclean is a Holistic Therapist who works both mobile and at events in Staffordshire and Cheshire. Her treatments include Reiki, hypnosis, trance healing and quantum touch.

Christine's life motto is "Challenge yourself every day to achieve the things you want most in life. Find the beauty in being you"

Christine asked me to design her a logo in October 2013 - she felt that my work inspired her.

To Christine colours are very important therefore creating her own rainbow of colours shows how much passion she has for what she does. These colours help her to embrace and channel all that she is into her work.

Christine chose the name Communicate for the design - in her own words this is how she describes what this means to her:

"Communicating with yourself will help you to embrace all that you aim to be in life.
These treatments give my clients the key tools needed, to establish their own true personality, the true you is with you, explore the possibilities of you"

The logo "Communicate" can be seen here on Christine's business card:



Maiya King Awakening Crystalline Light

In March 2015 I was contacted by Margaret King (Maiya) – an evolving soul whose focus is on ascension and whose purpose it is to assist others in awakening to crystalline light.

I had met Maiya at a Mind Body Spirit fair the previous year.

In Maiya’s words …
                          “Quite by chance I was drawn to a Nottingham Mind Body Spirit event where I met Alison. I found my way straight to the area where Alison had her display - I love her work and knew immediately that I wanted Alison to design the logo for my new website. Alison created some amazing designs for me to choose from, it was a bit of a challenge as they were all so beautiful. However, one in particular really fitted the brief. The colours and the design are just "me" and my website now vibrates with my energy.”

Maiya chose the name “Tu’LahnKahMaiya” for her design - the name is a vibration, embodying the Divine Feminine and it is also a mix of Lemurian and Atlantean energies.

The logo “Tu’LahnKahMaiya” can be seen here on Maiya’s website:



Sonia Grover Heart Souls Heart

Sonia Grover is a Holistic Healthcare and Personal Development Teacher from Letchworth, Herts

Sonia asked me to design her a logo in January 2016.

In Sonia’s words…
                          “I was looking for someone to create a 5th dimensional symbol that I had channelled that represents a set of geometric 5th dimensional symbols titled “The Heart Souls Heart”. I was given an amazing pack of cards with brilliant symbols on, so beautifully depicted I knew that this was how I wanted the Heart Souls Heart logo represented. So I contacted Alison, who had created the cards, and commissioned her to produce the logo. I am really pleased with the logo and know it represents the Heart Souls Heart perfectly”.

The Heart Souls Heart logo can be seen here on Sonia’s new website: